Drafting of contracts for non-labor relationships and documents related to the payment of wages on them.

Lease contracts.

Royalties and others.

Human Resources

Preparation and registration of documents related to the appointment and dismissal of employees under labor contracts. Documents related to change of position and salary, contracts, orders for termination, additional agreements, orders for leave and others.

Issuing and updating employment records.

Maintenance of personal files of employees.

Wages and salaries

We offer Payroll services for a certain period, including bonuses, one-time payments, social benefits, annual leave, sick leave and other absences, and any other accruals and deductions.

Also calculation of the social security, health insurance and tax.
Coverage of events relevant to a past period.
Processing of payments related to the cumulative accounting of working hours, shift work schedule, night shifts, holidays and overtime work, part-time work.
Preparation of pay sheets, summaries, reports, lists, declarations and others.

Preparation of cost centers and types of costs in connection with the accounting system. Preparation of reports on staff categories.
Preparation of information regarding amounts to be paid through bank accounts in the format required by the banks.
Preparing Declarations 1 and 6 for the personal register of NRA, online reference for hospital sheets for NSSI.
Preparation of quarterly and annual report for NSI.

Software and

additional services

​K2MI offers its clients software for payroll calculation, accounting, production scheduling, operating system, office suite and other software products needed for daily work in administrative departments.

We also offer cooperation during audits and inspections of NSSI, NRA, Labor inspectorate, etc.